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We help you create a virtuous cycle of individual accomplishment and team success.


Assessment & Development

In-depth profiling using the latest analysis tools; customized training and reinforcement programs, plus coaching and accountability.


Efficiency, Alignment, Technology

Systems analysis with a distinct focus on the human element: applicability, usability, and alignment with operations and brand goals.


Brand Adoption & Expression

A critical addition to the performance improvement mix is an authentic and tactical approach to brand expression at the behavioral level.

Properly structured and combined, it all adds up to




Resources and Services for Real-World Results

The 7 Triggers to Yes

The Science of Persuasion: How People Make Decisions

The most powerful new approach to business development is now a comprehensive system of techniques and tools to get busy professionals quickly up-to-speed on how to boost business and power profits with persuasion. 7 Triggers courses build on the concepts explored in Russ Granger’s critically-acclaimed book with a practical, powerful, step-by-step system for masterful business development.

Designed for anyone who wants to rapidly and dramatically improve their ability to persuade, negotiate, sell, and form durable, win-win agreements with others.





The Gold Standard for Insurance Performance

PRISMS programs have been improving the lives and fortunes of company and agency personnel for over 25 years. Now you can administer mission-critical skills and tools in a blended learning environment with PRISMS Millennial Editions – newly formatted programs designed to meet the needs of today’s technology-enabled, blended learning environments.

For information on how your team can enjoy special benefits from PRISMS Millennial Edition development, please contact John Garofalo at


A Singular Focus on High Performance

Building Leaders for the Next Century

Over 25 years of performance improvement at hundreds of companies worldwide, ProEd offers some of the most powerful intellectual property in the industry. Developed in partnership with top business education departments including the Aetna Institute and the AT&T University of Sales Excellence, ProEd programs are consistently rated as “superior to other programs” by over 95% of participants.

The new generation of ProEd leadership is focused on digital channel learning and immersive user experience.


Russell P. Granger

President & CEO
Russell served as Media & Marketing Director for ProEd during its early days, and is delighted to be coming full-circle by leading the company’s expansion into the digital channel. In 2011 Russell founded Arch Digitals, a brand and marketing agency focused on the Internet channel. Previously, Russell headed brand strategy projects for IBM Global Services, and built digital design divisions for technology companies and advertising agencies.

John Garofalo III

A performance and growth expert with a passion for getting results, John has grown sales revenues, maximized margins, and reduced operating costs across five continents for companies in energy, construction, engineering, insurance, financial services, and consumer products. A sought-after performance coach, John is known for his ability to align individual initiative, job function, and company vision.

Ellen Brodsky

SVP Instructional Design
In her 15 years as an award-winning designer and producer of learning materials, Ellen has focused on meeting business objectives with active learning for real-world outcomes. A Certified Instructional Designer and PMP, Ellen has designed courses for the Smithsonian Institution, the Veterans Administration,, Sysco Corporation, LeapFrog Enterprises, and Chicago Public Schools, among many others.

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